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Kaizen and Kaizen events prove to be popular means of continuous improvement, both in the long and short-term. http://asq.org/quality-progress/2012/05/change-management/make-the-leap.html

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  • Keeping It Real

  • Integrating Management Systems

    In this episode of ASQ TV, we will discuss how Annex SL can help ease the complexity of integrating multiple standards, and the steps your organization... [more]

  • 整合管理系统

    在本集ASQ TV中,我们将讨论Annex SL如何帮助简化整合多种标准的复杂性,以及您所在组织要实行整合时应采取的步骤。 Quality Progress Article Integrated Management Systems

  • Integración de sistemas de gestión

    En este episodio de ASQ TV, veremos cómo el “Anexo SL” puede facilitar la compleja integración de diversas normas y los pasos que debe dar su organización... [more]

  • Turning Data into Dollars with Microsoft Excel

    Jay Arthur, CEO/Owner, KnowWare International, helps viewers combine two important daily activities – data collection and spreadsheet creation – into... [more]

  • Impact of Quality in India

    In this segment of the Impact of Quality series, members from India discuss the importance of quality methodology on the job and how it works across indust... [more]

  • Using Quality Tools for a More Organized Life

    Daniel Zrymiak describes how he uses quality tools to make his life more organized. Watch this Quality for Life story.

  • ISO 9001 Check-in

    Standards experts explain key changes to ISO 9001:2015, such as how to understand the term 'documented information,' the role of leadership and the... [more]