Achieving a Successful Six Sigma Implementation in Higher Education

March 03, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

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Martha Ramírez-Valdivia, PhD

Associate Professor

Universidad de La Frontera

The growing demand for accountability and continuous improvement in Higher Education has lead to the implementation of Six Sigma. Traditional focus on accreditation and quality assurance is being enhanced with the DMAIC approach to address continuous improvement projects. While it might appear simple to implement, the difficult part is how to make it a key component of a skeptical-by-nature culture, constituted mainly by faculty and students rooted to long-standing established quality practices. In this presentation, we will outline the stages followed to achieve an effective cultural change, including guidance, communication approaches, training, obstacles overcome, assessment, and problem-solving skills used to assist the implementation effort. After attending this session, you should be able to understand the steps of the DMAIC methodology, identify the major hurdles during implementation, and describe the main benefits of applying Six Sigma to Higher Education. CLICK HERE to complete the session survey