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ASQ TV Episode 7: Innovation and Quality

This episode focuses on innovation: what innovation is and the role it plays in quality. Also, learn about an organization in India that used an innovative management model to turn a failing business unit around. Discover how the innovation management cycle can jumpstart innovation at your organization, and take a self-assessment to see what your role is in the innovation process.

To learn more about innovation and quality, read these Quality Progress articles:

Learn more about Trident's transformation by reading the full case study: http://asq.org/2013/05/quality-management/turn-around-or-shut-down.html

Read more about the innovation management cycle and other innovation tools in this Quality Progress article: http://asq.org/quality-progress/2012/06/innovation/up-and-away.html

Access Innovation Interest Group's self-assessment to help identify what role individuals play in the innovation process: http://www.petermerrill.com/self-assessment

Learn more about the Innovation Interest Group: http://asq.org/innovation-group

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