Can’t We All Just Get Along Here? - Team Dynamics

March 02, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

  • Lean and Six Sigma in a Continuous Improvement Culture

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Dave Harry, MSc, PMP®, CSSBB, LBC, CSM® 


Process Whisperer® Consultants LLC

Have you ever found yourself as a leader asking "Can’t We All Just Get Along Here?" Why do so many Lean and Six Sigma projects eventually stall or fail all together? Is it the tools or the soft skills"? It is because of the Team Dynamics. Lean is a known “Team Sport” and all team members need to get along. But what if your teams just don’t get along? What is the secret that team leaders and team members can use to recognize a dysfunctional team? If they recognize the team is dysfunctional, what can they do about it? Yelling “Can’t we all just get along here” is not enough. Recognizing dysfunctional is the first step. What is Tuckman’s model for group performance? The speaker will share how to recognize when groups or teams are not performing and share a case study with the participants and ask what they would do. What happens in the "Forming" Stage? What happens in the "Storming" Stage? What happens in the "Norming" Stage? What happens in the "Performing" Stage? Lastly, why is it so important to have an "Adjourning" Stage? Leaders need to recognize the natural stages of team development and when the team is not progressing rapidly to a high performing team, what actions can the leader take to prevent team failure and chaos. It is so very important to grasp the underlying causes of team non-performance and apply the correct countermeasures to achieve team performance. CLICK HERE to complete the session survey