Continuous Improvement: Change in Complex Healthcare Systems

March 02, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

  • Lean and Six Sigma in a Continuous Improvement Culture

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James Doyle, MPA

Program Director - Strategy & Planning

Truman Medical Centers

How can organizations bring the Process-work (Six Sigma) and People-work (Psychology of Change) together? Structured Dialog is a way to integrate multiple perspectives found in complex systems. The end result of this organizational wide dialog relates to alignment; getting everyone on the same page creates the framework for continuous strategic improvement. The basic design of strategic structured dialog begins with a common lexicon around change methodologies. Next, structure the dialog around the change methodologies related to Process-Work and People-Work. Then, simply ask questions, listen to the answers from different perspectives, and search for alignment. This session presentation brings together Six Sigma and Psychology of Change theories into a real world example of dramatic change in an organization’s culture. CLICK HERE to complete the session survey