Continuous Improvement Culture the Arizona Way through the Arizona Management System

March 02, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

  • Lean and Six Sigma in a Continuous Improvement Culture

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Travis Done

Senior Lean Coach

State of Arizona

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Sarah Pirzada, MPA

Deputy COO

State of Arizona

We’ve all heard it before: Government should run like a business. We’ve all read the books and heard the lectures, but the question remains: how do you actually implement a business enterprise strategy in government? Answer: The Arizona Way. The Arizona Management System is a proven method of taking strategy and turning it into results. Through the consistent deployment of Lean management principles, practices, and cultural artifacts, AMS ensures that the important work Arizona citizens and customers depend on is carried out at the speed of business. This session will report out on the history of AMS, how it evolved into an enterprise system, and how it is used today. Attendants will understand the system from end-to-end: beginning with annual strategic planning, continuing into operational execution, and coming back to performance tracking that ensures critical targets are met. Most importantly, you will understand how to take all of these elements and turn them into an enterprise culture. If you have wondered how to build a culture of excellence, this session is for you. CLICK HERE to complete the survey for Travis Done CLICK HERE to complete the survey for Sarah Pirzada