Customer Experience, Data & Digital Transformation

March 03, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

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Sheila Shaffie

President & CEO

ProcessArc, Inc.

TAI, Machine Learning, Data analytics has gained full momentum and technology is changing faster than ever. It is not always clear to organizations how to leverage their Lean Six Sigma or even Agile teams to initiate and support these large scale transformation initiatives. The objectives of this presentation are two fold: discuss some key industry trends as it relates to AI/Machine Learning/Data Analytics and take attendees through a company's journey as they embraced these emerging technologies to improve Client Experience. The objective of this presentation is to outline the critical interdependency of a Digital Transformation strategy and the Customer Experience (CX). CX is a key differentiator for most brands. And with shifting customer expectations, Digital Transformation and its enablers like Robotic Process Automation, AI, and Workflow allow for the re-imagination of a new experience. To develop a transformation strategy without the lens of CX will prove to be a costly and suboptimal endeavor. CLICK HERE to complete the session survey