Digital Disruption! an Enabler for Virtual Gemba Walk of a Microbiology Laboratory

March 02, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

  • Lean and Six Sigma in a Continuous Improvement Culture

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Katja Lehmann, PhD, SSBB, LMBB

Global Manager Solutions Discovery and Workflow Optimization


In the clinical laboratory, consolidation, shrinking budgets, a dwindling workforce and increased workload threaten long-term stability and ability to provide high quality, accessible services. Healthcare consulting can help achieve laboratories goals by reviewing current processes and recommending Lean workflow solutions to meet the individual laboratories unique needs and challenges. Due to the COVID-19 pandemics travel and access restriction, new and innovative technologies were explored to collect laboratory insights, standardized data analysis and interaction with customers. A 3D camera was used to generate a virtual Gemba walk, supporting data and workflow videos were collected. A virtual workflow analysis was performed, a discrete simulation software used to simulate the laboratory’s workflow and the statistical analysis of the data. The results of the data analysis resides in a data lake, enabling the team to segment and benchmark customers KPI performances against each other. The virtual Gemba leads to a stronger collaboration with the customer fostering team work to uncover wastes, brainstorm root cause and countermeasures and develop improvement recommendations. CLICK HERE to complete the session survey