I’m not Emotional…I’m a Quality Professional: Lean Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Practitioners

March 02, 2021 | 10:00:AM - 11:00:AM CT

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Richard F. Uphoff 

Operations Manager and Registered Principal

The Vanguard Group

While the Global Pandemic of 2019-2020 created unprecedented upheaval in economies, health systems, employment, workplace arrangements, technology and social relations, it reminded us that we all operate under the same human range of emotions. From fear to hope, relief to stress, joy to sadness, the opportunities for us to experience this range of emotions has merged even more as "work" and "life" have become closer than ever before. Quality professionals in general and leaders in particular must understand this shifting emotional landscape and how it can affect their teams, projects and organizations. The first step down this path of understanding is to examine one's own emotional landscape. Even though the concepts of Emotional Intelligence have been around for 25 years, the current global crisis has shed new light on the need to understand these ideas in new ways and how they impact the work of Quality in Lean organizations.

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