Implementing Changes that Stick - Sustain the Gain AND Continually Improve

March 02, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

  • Lean and Six Sigma in a Continuous Improvement Culture

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Pam Vecellio, LSSBB, APICS


Continual Impact

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Chris Bujak, BS

Mech Engineering, Partner

Continual Impact LLC

Not enough continuous quality improvement efforts achieve targeted goals; even fewer continually exceed goals year after year. In this session participates will understand why some improvements do not stick long, what they can adopt to improve their skills, and practice some of the critical steps needed for effective, long-term, and sticky implementation of improvements. The 5-steps go beyond sustaining gains and into effective implementation and on-going team engagement, process ownership, measurement, and coaching. The 5 steps:
1. Create a reliable and standardized process.
2. Effectively teach the new process.
3. Define and operationalize measures and targets to track performance.
4. Create a feedback process to continually resolve problems and incrementally improve.
5. Coach performance. CLICK HERE to complete the survey for Pam Vecellio CLICK HERE to complete the survey for Chris Bujak