Lean and Six Sigma in New Business Models

March 03, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

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  • The Quality Trinity: Lean, Six Sigma, and Quality 4.0


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Willy Vandenbrande, MEng, CSSBB


QS Consult

There is an important focus on incorporating new digital methods into problem solving approaches. In the case of Six Sigma, a methodology that is by definition heavily data driven, there is a huge interest in the new possibilities of data analysis that become available. This is valuable work but we should never forget that quality tools are means to an end. That end is to create a sustainable business by having customers engage with you on the basis of a mutually beneficial value proposition. We see, apart from technological developments, also fundamental shifts in what customers find valuable and in the business models through which this value is offered to them. In this presentation we focus on these changes in the outside environment and their influence on quality and quality tools, specifically on Lean and Six Sigma. We will show how important this is to quality and to the quality professional. The way we respond to these changes goes beyond technology and will, to a large extend, determine how relevant our contribution will be to the success of our organizations. CLICK HERE to complete the session survey