Lean is not Magic, or is it?

March 02, 2021 | 02:00:PM - 03:00:PM CT

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Wendy Gomez 


The Best Practices Group

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Kam Gupta, MSEM, CPEC

Executive Coach. management Consultant. QMS Auditor.

Continuous Improvement Technology, Inc.

This presentation seeks to approach Lean from a different perspective. While the methodologies of Lean have been around for quite sometime within the realm of manufacturing, they have also evolved into healthcare, retail, logistics and distribution, services, government, and construction. Some detractors have even said that Lean is flawed and will fall by the wayside. The current pandemic, while unique, has for some strengthened this opinion. This presentation will examine the path of Lean in parallel with the artform of performance magic. While at first thought the subjects may appear disconnected, there are striking similarities, such as continuous improvement and error reduction. There are lessons to be learned for leaders to engage and re-energize Lean practices within their organization. As well as a call to action for what shape the future of Lean should take.

Educational Resources

  • Introduction to Lean Principles (ILPASQ)
  • Lean Foundations bundle (VILT, VLFASQ)
  • Lean 101 (VILT, VL1012019ASQ)
  • Lean Problem-Solving Tools (VILT, VLPST2019ASQ)
  • Applied Lean (VILT, VALASQ)
  • Lean Essentials (SP, LEASQ)
  • Lean Specialized Credential Elearning (SPSCL2020ASQ)
  • Lean for Service (VILT, VLFS)