License to Improve: Introducing Lean and Problem Solving Via a Process Simulation Exercise

March 03, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

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  • Using Lean and Six Sigma to Manage Quality as a Project


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Emilie Steinhoff, PhD

Lean Consultant

Arizona Government Transformation Office

“We don’t manufacture anything so Lean/Six Sigma/etc. won’t work here” is a common response to introducing continuous improvement systems in a knowledge work or transactional environment. Simulations to introduce continuous improvement principles don't always resonate with the audience or provide a clear link to other concepts and can be difficult to adapt to a virtual environment. This session walks through a simulation for an application approval process to introduce continuous improvement and problem solving concepts in a knowledge work environment and overcome those objections to achieve seemingly impossible goals. The simulation links metrics, visual management, process mapping, PDCA, the 8 wastes, and value vs. non-value added, to improving a realistic process. How to adapt the simulation to other fields and run in a remote/virtual or physical environment will also be covered. CLICK HERE to complete the session survey