Managing the Cost of Quality for Quality 4.0 Using Software, Systems, and Data Quality Models

March 03, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:AM CT

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Daniel Zrymiak, ASQ Fellow, CSSBB, PMP

Engagement Manager


A Cost of Quality (CoQ) approach, already customized for software and information technology, can be applied toward the deployment and implementation of Quality 4.0 in an organization. Existing models and quality characteristics used for software, systems, and data quality can be leveraged to identify cost categories and support the creation of a Cost of Quality System for Quality 4.0. The CoQ approach has already been applied and proven for software: the presentation will impart examples for external failure, internal failure, appraisal, and preventive costs pertinent to automated services, software, and information technology. Quality 4.0 incorporates innovations including additive manufacturing, mobile computing, digital manufacturing, cloud computing, and blockchain. Deploying Quality 4.0 follows methodologies for CoQ tracking through the phases of analysis, qualification, development, deployment, and maintenance. Quality characteristics were used to estimate potential costs and associated safeguards and countermeasures. By tracking and mitigating failures associated with software and data quality models, returns were optimized.
Practical Takeaways:
Attendees will have actual examples of cost-tracking mechanisms used in successful Quality 4.0 deployments for digitizing quality processes and methods.
Attendees will understand the basis for optimizing Quality Costs in both Predictive and Agile projects by integrating Preventive and Appraisal activities throughout all stages of project planning and delivery.
Attendees will become familiar with the specific quality characteristics pertinent to software, systems, and data QA as outlined in ISO 25010 (Systems and Software QA) and ISO 25012 (Data Quality).
Attendees will be refreshed on the application of core Cost of Quality methods and practices, applied to software and technology solutions to track external and internal failure costs; along with applicable Preventive and Appraisal costs.
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