New Look, Same Data

March 02, 2021 | 01:00:PM - 02:00:PM CT

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Shrey J. Tarpara 


Boulevard Consulting Group

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Kashni Sharma, PMP 


The Boulevard Consulting Group, LLC

In an era of 280-character Twitter posts from hundreds of news outlets to 15-second viral TikTok videos from celebrities, it is difficult not to drown in an information overload. It is essential to find a way to read past the initial headline and delve deeper into the data to ensure what you are reading is accurate so you can make an informed decision and opinion. Let us show you how to build upon current tools and techniques and apply innovative methods that will produce meaningful and sustainable results at any level of your organization and you, as an individual. We apply Lean Six Sigma and Agile practices to analytical methods to ensure rigorous data analysis and decision making.

Educational Resources

  • Data Analysis (DAASQ)
  • Introduction to Statistical Concepts (ISCASQ)
  • Correlation and Regression (CRASQ)
  • Variation and Control Charts (VCCASQ)
  • Process Capability (PCTQG)
  • Hypothesis Testing (HTASQ)