Planning the Abandonment of Six Sigma - Shifting the Legacy

March 03, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

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Gregory Watson, PhD EUR Ing

Founder, Chairman and Managing Partner

Business Excellence. Solutions, Ltd.

The findings of the three-year study by the IAQ Continual Improvement Think Tank has not been publicly reported and the Quality 4.0 movement has been accelerating since the study was completed in 2017. Exposing the Lean and Six Sigma community to this study is an essential step forward in the dissemination of these research findings and the proposed rejuvenation of the concept of Continual Improvement based on the study of weaknesses and vulnerabilities contained in the historical approach to Lean and Six Sigma that was based on an "analog mindset" which is no longer valid. This presentation will challenge the thinking of the community as an out-of-the-box innovation has resulted in a total reconstruction of the Continual Improvement Process so it can be adapted to the digital world and facilitated by expert technical facilitators. This study represents a major advancement in the development of an integrated infrastructure for improvement thinking and acting. Our community needs to be aware of the weaknesses in its tradition as well as the opportunities to transition to an improved future state. CLICK HERE to complete the session survey