Risk Management and the Quality Community

The idea of risk management is relatively widespread-virtually any product or process has some type of risk associated with it. But within the quality community, risk can be viewed differently. Risk management expert Carol Fox, describes the three main ways organizations think about risk and how the quality community can (and must) get involved in risk management. Resources for FMEA tool: 1) An FMEA gif http://asq.org/img/laq/fmea-fig1.gif 2) Avoid common FMEA mistakes http://asq.org/six-sigma/2010/11/risk-management/making-the-most-of-it.html 3) A Motorola case study http://rube.asq.org/six-sigma/2010/02/six-sigma/preempting-problems.pdf PLEASE NOTE: Two websites are mentioned in "The Lighter Side" segment as credit for the photos used. Other content on these sites may be considered "not safe for work" or offensive in nature.