Quality 4.0 Makeover - Applying Lean Tools for Competitive Advantage

March 03, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

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  • The Quality Trinity: Lean, Six Sigma, and Quality 4.0


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Javed Cheema, Fellow ASQ, CMQ/OE, CQE, CSSBB, CQA 

Chief Engineer

Altarum Insitute

Industry 4.0 and Quality 4.0 are the hottest topics, especially in manufacturing industry. Presenters have been asked by several peers and professionals how to develop strategy maps for s flawless transition to Quality 4.0. This is inherently a complex question but fortunately many best practices are available for risk mitigation during execution. This presentation will address all those questions. Quality and business professionals will be explained how the value streams of all elements of Quality 4.0 system be planned and managed. Several examples and proven tools will be shared with supplemental resources and references. Javed Cheema will share strategy map development exercise as follows: 1. Forming a Quality 4.0 thinkers’ forum in organization representing all stakeholders 2. Analyzing current state performance and identifying major problem areas 3. Developing a compelling business case Quality 4.0 for your organization including ROI period 4. Creating a realistic implementation timeline and assign roles and responsibilities 5. Frequently reviewing progress and adjusting for unanticipated events or issues 6. Holding a comprehensive reflection event on envisioned versus actual future state.. CLICK HERE to complete the survey for Javed Cheema