Voice of the Customer and Lean Six Sigma Powerhouse

March 02, 2021 | 07:00:AM - 07:00:PM CT

  • Lean and Six Sigma in a Continuous Improvement Culture

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Tony Belilovskiy


International Institute for Customer-Centered Leadership

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Rob Lawton, MA

Leadership Strategist

C3 Excellence, Inc

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Brad Hollingsworth, PE CSSBB MBB

Master Black Belt

Hollingsworth Consulting LLC

Combining Voice of the Customer and Lean Six Sigma into one webinar is the most powerful accelerator for enhancing your organization forward, clearly defining and integrating VOC, Lean, DMAIC and Design for Six Sigma, and achieving a high-performance culture. Most executives and change leaders emphasize that customer experience and excellent service are top priorities and keys to success. This session is all about how to achieve those goals with speed and simplicity. The answers combine unconventional thinking with Lean Six Sigma to achieve outstanding results well beyond the norm. The magnitude of the challenge becomes clear when you ask any ten employees (a) what “service” means, (b) who “the customer” is, or (c) what customers’ top priorities are. How can we have evidence-based enterprise direction when we aren’t clear who to get the evidence from, what to ask, and what to do with what they tell us? We can fix this by using a new paradigm and pragmatic method for achieving unambiguous agreement on the answers to these essential questions. Your goals for understanding, measuring, and satisfying customers are suddenly simplified and magic happens. If you are impatient for transformative results and are an executive, change agent, product development manager, project leader, innovation leader, process improvement leader, or aspiring Lean Six Sigma practitioner, this jargon-free session is for you. CLICK HERE to complete the survey for Rob Lawton CLICK HERE to complete the survey for Tony Belilovskiy CLICK HERE to complete the survey for Brad Hollingsworth