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  • Prioritizing Team Projects

    Prioritizing Team Projects

    While working as a team is useful in generating new ideas for projects, individual team members often bring varying priorities and goals, making it... [more]

  • Managing Team Meetings

    Managing Team Meetings

    These days, teams meet regularly without even being in the same physical location. Still, virtual meetings present their own challenges. Peter Merrill,... [more]

  • Advice From Excellent Teams

    Advice From Excellent Teams

    Every year, at ASQ's annual conference, the International Team Excellence Award process recognizes the best quality and continuous improvement teams in... [more]

  • Building Effective Teams

    Building Effective Teams

    Keeping a team on track can be a challenge, especially if it’s virtually based. In this episode learn about effective virtual teams, a useful tool for... [more]

  • The Voice...of Quality

    The Voice...of Quality

    ASQ member Denise Durham was tasked with revamping a plant in Danville, Illinois, United States. So Durham and others created a Quality Awareness Day at... [more]

  • The Lighter Side

    The Lighter Side

    One of today's hottest-selling books-"The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"-is introducing quality concepts to audiences around the world, and the... [more]

  • The Cost of Poor Quality

    The Cost of Poor Quality

    Maybe the best way to show what a difference quality can make in your workplace would be to show your colleagues what occurs when quality wasn't good... [more]

  • Introducing Quality Into Your Workplace

    Introducing Quality Into Your Workplace

    Not everyone in your workplace will be well-versed on quality methods and principals. This episode offers some ideas on getting quality novices in your... [more]

  • 2015 ASQ Award Medalists

    2015 ASQ Award Medalists

    ASQ is pleased to present the recipients of the 2015 Medals and Awards. This video was produced for the 2015 ASQ Annual Business Meeting, May 3, 2015,... [more]