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Business process outsourcing (BPO) – The evolving challenges and opportunities: Part 1 - Exploring the process space

Trends in outsourcing are anything but linear. The political, economic, social, environmental, and infra-structural landscape of developing countries is changing very fast. The pace of change in technological capabilities does not show any sign of slowing down either. Thus, the decision making process for outsourcing and offshoring business and knowledge processes must be reviewed regularly: what made sense five years make not make sense anymore today. This video takes a fresh look at the question and, based on a review of recent research, proposes conceptual models that can guide and support enlightened decision. Outsourcing a process that you do not understand is abdicating. Outsourcing without strong process management capabilities is risky business. Enterprise architecture maturity is a critical determinant of this capability. The process space is presented here along two important axes: knowledge embedded in the process and extent of customer contact involved.